Services for EU Citizens

Don't Mention Brexit!

The UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October 2019.
The UK and the EU have reached an agreement in principle on the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and of British citizens living in the EU. However, the agreement on citizens’ rights is part of the draft withdrawal agreement which was rejected by the House of Commons.
At the moment EU/EEA citizens are in limbo. Nobody knows whether there will be a “soft Brexit”, a “No Deal Brexit” or even if there will be any Brexit at all!

Mint Legal can advise EU/EEA Citizens on their rights and what they should be doing now to protect those rights.

We also realise the worry that Brexit has created for those EU/EEA citiizens who have non-EU/EEA family members. Mint Legal can advise on your family’s rights and how to protect them.

Mint Legal offers sector specific Brexit surgeries for employers concerned about the effect of Brexit on recruitment. We also offer surgeries for employees to advise on rights and the steps they should be taking now.

  • EU Citizens
  • Applications for Settled / Pre-settled Status
  • Applications for Registration Certificates
  • Applications for Permanent Residence Certificates
  • Advice on Acquiring British Citizenship
  • Van der Elst/Posted Workers applications
  • Non-EEA nationals working for EU employers in the UK
  • Non-EEA/Swiss nationals working for Swiss employers in the UK
  • Turkish Ankara Agreement applications
  • Non-EU/EEA Family Members of an EU/EEA Citizen
  • Applications for Settled / Pre-settled Status
  • Applications for EEA Family Permits/Visas to travel to the UK
  • Applications for Residence Cards for non-EEA family members
  • Applications for Permanent Residence Cards
  • Applications for Zambrano rights and other derivative rights documents
  • Applications for Surinder Singh rights