About Us

Mint Legal is a business immigration consultancy created to help cutting-edge start ups, brilliant innovators, high-flying investors and adventurous workers from all over the world build a future in the UK.

We strive to ensure that the outrageously talented, the mind-blowingly creative, those with inspirational, innovative and scalable ideas get the support and assistance they require to start their businesses in the UK.

We support ambitious employers searching for the energising dynamism that adventurous overseas employees can bring to fill the UK’s skills gaps.

We are a progressive barrister-led legal consultancy offering specialist advice and representation to businesses and the public directly, without the need to instruct a solicitor, creating efficiency and reducing costs.

We take the pain out of all aspects of business immigration – from the preparation of visa applications to providing representation in Judicial Review hearings; from EU Settlement applications to advice on sponsor licence compliance.

Each Mint Legal client will receive advice and representation directly from a specialist immigration barrister, in quick time and in clear and understandable language.

To find out more or to enquire about any of the services that Mint Legal can offer, get in touch today!